Reasons for Using Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes offer a professional edge to the product by increasing their visibility and make them stand out on retail shelves. Their great appearance, innovative looks and distinctive design make the product more appealing. Apart from providing an aesthetic view, the pillow boxes have many other benefits. They are convenient to use and easy to carry. Their elegant design and special properties make them easy to assemble, practical and usable. The use of pillow packaging is increasing in every industry day by day. Whether its cosmetics, food or medicines every industry is attracted towards the appealing characteristics of pillow boxes. It is considered a perfect packaging solution as they enhance the beauty and add value to the product inside.


Pillow boxes are the top choice of all customers. Featuring industrial standards, pillow boxes are considered ideal to hold and display an array of products like soaps, gifts, apparels and cosmetics etc. they not only provide a shield of protection to the items but are proved to be an efficient packaging solution so far. They can also be used as party favors. Some of the best reasons to use pillow boxes are stated below:

  • Advertise your brand with a unique style:

No brand can become successful without successfully marketing and advertising its products. In this regard, packaging plays a significant role to make your brand prominent in the eyes of customers. Pillow boxes serve a unique and professional way to serve your products. They can undergo high-quality print with interesting graphic design to make them acquire a more attractive look. These pillow boxes are available in a wide variety of sizes and may also be used as favour boxes for a different event. They are highly suitable for almost every type of merchandise. You can fill them with candies and chocolates etc and present them as gifts to your loved ones. The video a detailed description of how you can make pillow gift box on your own. Due to their unique shape, they are preferably used in wedding and marriages. Pillow boxes are the ideal option to show off your new products. New products require special attention to get maximum exposure. These trendy chic pillow boxes increase the visual appeal of your products.

  • Ease of Customization:

Pillow boxes are considered best for various customization options with minimal packaging margin. By undergoing various printing options to can customize them according to any theme and give them a professional look. You can imprint a company’s logo and other related information, embed them with handles and make window cutouts for a slight reveal of the product. These customization options make them feasible for different types of products. You can make them exceptional and imaginative with little creativity. Thousands of brands have established themselves in the corporate sector by building a good brand reputation through customization in packaging. The trends in the packaging industry indicate that about 20% of specialized packaging boxes are pillow boxes.


  • Convenient to use:

The design of pillow boxes makes them convenient to use. The folded sides at the end provide an easy to open mechanism making them feasible for a wide range of products. They are not just used for packaging, but also used as give out boxes on different promotional events. They can be easily used as a readymade packaging solution for you’re every time packaging needs. They are very simple yet look attractive. They come flat in production and are easy to assemble and interact with because of their pop-out style. If pillow packaging is printed in festive designs you can also use them on various festivities. Nothing else is needed to give them further details; they look great in their own style. The customer does not need to unwrap various layers of packaging to reach the product. Depending on the type of product, pillow boxes can offer top, front or side closures.

  • Provide ultimate protection:

Many of the people think that pillow boxes offer stylish and elegant packaging rather than being protective. Custom pillow boxes can be made in a variety of material to ensure protection according to a product’s need. Staring from simple cardboard to corrugate and Kraft paper, you can design pillow boxes to provide maximum safety to the items inside. The choice of material is always from the customer’s end. Whether you choose cardboard or a Kraft paper both are durable enough to keep the products save during transition and delivery. The ability to wear and tear makes pillow boxes perfect for reuse. It not only provides an internal protection to the products but also keeps them safe from any external damage during transport or when placed on retail shelves. The use of stronger material provides extra cushioning for delicate products.

  • Low-cost packaging solution:

It is a misconception that custom packaging is an expensive way to display and pack your products. Rather if a company adopts custom packaging, it proves very cost effective. The use of pillow boxes takes it a step further by being more affordable. The material used to make pillow boxes is cheap, lightweight and eco-friendly.  These elements contribute to make pillow boxes a cheap packaging solution. Due to its lightweight, you need not incur additional shipping charges. Pillow boxes are themselves so elegant and stylish that you not have to go further customization and embellishments. If it has to undergo some printing options, the cardboard of Kraft material takes any type of printing (embossing, debossing and other techniques) so well that it worth the investment. They are manufactured with less material thus reducing the production cost and the product’s packaging margin. Due to all these features, they are the preferred choice of majority small-scale businesses like jewelry, stationery, fragrances, candles and soaps etc. as well as various large business entrepreneurs like to use them as they cut down the product’s cost by reducing the cost of packaging.

This article provides a clear understanding to the readers about various reasons to use pillow boxes and why the majority of the businesses are switching towards it due to their functionality and other benefits. Not forget to give your valuable reviews about the article.