The Rajdhani Express

Rajdhani Express is a fast moving passenger train which connects New Delhi to the important cities of India. The train was started in the year 1969, and a move Patna air with the speed of 140 km/hr, the speed of the train varies at some places. The Rajdhani Express ran for the first time to cover the distance of 1,445 km between the country’s capital New Delhi to Howrah. The train took 17 hour 20 mins to cover this long distance. These trains offer the most comfortable and pleasurable journey to the passengers. The prior booking of the tickets is important and the tickets can also be booked online for the convenience.

This train is centrally air-conditioned and has highest priority on the Indian railway network. The passengers who travel by Rajdhani Express get numerous facilities as they are offered complimentary meals during the trip. The facilities are provided to the travellers according to the time taken by the train to reach the particular destination. The morning tea, breakfast, lunch, high tea, dinner is served to the passengers. The travellers also get newspaper in the train so that they can utilise the time. The three classes of accommodation which are First Class AC with 2 or 4 seats with bedrooms, AC 2-tier has the system of open berths and curtains for privacy, AC 3-tier which provides comfort but there is no privacy are provided by these express trains. At present there are 18 pairs of Rajdhani Express trains running all around the country. The train is connecting Ahmedabad to Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Bangalore, Chennai, Ranchi, Guwahati/Dibrugarh, Hyderabad, Jabalpur, Kolkata (2), Patna and Thiruvananthapuram (2), Jammu, Mumbai. These trains stop at lesser number of stations in comparison to the other express trains, they stop only at the important cities like Allahabad, Bokaro, Bhopal, Lucknow, Nagpur, Kanpur, Jamshedpur, Jhansi, Dhanbad, Jaipur etc. More than one Rajdhani Express serves some of the cities for example Kanpur city which is served by total of 9 Rajdhani Express trains. Township hack should be the best way to use in township cheats.

At present these trains are running at an average speed of around 80 km/hr. These trains have the capacity to of losing to the airlines. It has been observed that at times the ticket fare of these trains is comparatively more than the airline tickets. Since the condition of the highways in India is improving due to NHDP therefore we can see the trains moving with higher speed.